Wonderful WordPress: How you can Optimise Your Web Design with Nifty New WordPress Plugins…

Wonderful WordPress: How you can Optimise Your Web Design with Nifty New WordPress Plugins…

As web developers who build all of our websites in WordPress; we’re pleased to acknowledge that WordPress is slowly cleaning up in the world of contemporary web design with its elegant ease of access, cutting edge visual composition tools and warehouse of custom themes to generate unique and professional websites; for any type of enterprise. These are just a few of the perks of using WordPress for exclusive web design.

If you’re not familiar with this lead-generation online software, go and check it out now at WordPress.

We want to cut to the chase and draw your attention to 5 of our favourite WordPress features at Noo Stuff Design Studio:




Joost de Valk and his team at Yoast have created this nifty little ‘all-in-one’ SEO package which “goes the extra mile to take care of all the technical optimization… and helps you write better content.” Improve your rankings with a one-stop shop plugin.




Tired of constant trips back and forth between the front and back ends of your website? Have you resorted to opening two separate chrome tabs and bouncing between them? Can’t wait for the front end to pick up your back end edits?

WordPress has resolved this crisis with their new Live Composer Front-end WordPress Page Builder Plugin. Now you can edit from the front of your creations.



WooCommerce  is a powerful, extendable eCommerce plugin that helps you sell anything. Beautifully…”

This is a plugin that gives both store owners and developers complete control over a website’s eCommerce and has been specifically designed for WordPress. It not only offers extensive payment options but gives you the freedom to ship anything, anywhere. Currently running 30% of all online stores – WooCommerce shows no sign of slowing down that cash dollar roll-in.



“Parallax seems to be in vogue at the moment,” claims Shaun Quarton, freelance WordPress Blogger.

Indeed, motion graphics and animations have relocated to the field of web design where the quality of the nifty Parallax Scrolling Effect on the homepage determines the credibility of the business it represents.

Check out 50 Great Parallax Scrolling Websites.



Many of spend hours trolling theme forest for top rated packages, with at least 600 sales, before downloading a theme; only to discover that there are some nasty snags and bumps in the road to ideal customization.

Behold: “a simple and easy way to test your theme for all the latest WordPress standards and practices. Theme Check is “a great theme development tool” where results are produced instantaneously through a simple yet highly efficient admin interface. Gone be the days of dollars spent on disappointing themes!


Of course, these are just a few of our favourite little gadgets. Thousands more can be found at WordPress Plugins.

Visit our official website to see how we’ve used plugins to customize our own look, feel and efficiency: Noo Stuff Design Studio.

Better yet: we can help you improve your current website using these incredible tools.

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