Social Media is Magic: Forbes and Branson Agree

Social Media is Magic: Forbes and Branson Agree

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In the last year, both Forbes and Richard Branson have blogged exclusively about the importance of social media marketing for contemporary businesses.

“Whether you are launching a start-up or leading an established company, you should start establishing your social media presence if you haven’t already…We’ve been using our social media channels to spread the message that we are just as interested in making a difference as making a profit,” says Branson.

Indeed, with 97% of today’s marketers participating avidly in social media, the benefits of utilising blossoming online tools such as Twitter, Facebook, Google +, Instagram, Linked In and Pinterest far out way the consequences. Forbes’ Jayson DeMers has come up with many reasons why:

The primary benefit of social media for any business, serious about developing a strong brand identity through online marketing, is undoubtedly improved brand recognition and loyalty. While interactive social media profiles help to cement and retain existing customers, they are also great tools for attracting new buyers. This is due to the personalised nature of social media engagement and content. People want to interact with other people; not abstract business ideas. DeMers confers that “53% of Americans who follow brands [on] social [media] are more loyal to those brands.”

Secondly, social media definitively enhances conversion. Businesses marketing through online strategy should understand that every tweet, retweet, pin, post, video, blog article or link shared via social media is a potential site lead and thereafter a potential successful customer conversion. This is largely due to the “humanization” of your brand and business, afforded by the rich, personal experiences your customers enjoy when you interact directly with them via forums and threads. In this regard, your insights into your customer market inevitably unfold when you utilise “social listening” by responding directly to their praise and their concerns.

Facebook, Twitter and Google analytics provide you with invaluable statistics about the paid and organic traffic to your various sites. Utlimately, using social media results in decreased marketing costs because in-site advertising is so cost effective compared to traditional offline marketing strategies. Google also owns a large number of the most popular social media sites to date, so your SEO rankings will vastly improve when you activate social media for your business.

One of our recent customers admitted to breaking into hives every time he considered logging into social media to promote his business. You may suffer similar symptoms or simply do not have the time to promote your business via the social media forums.  We are here to help!

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