Don’t Underestimate: The Power of LinkedIn to Grow Your Business & Brand

Don’t Underestimate: The Power of LinkedIn to Grow Your Business & Brand


Although LinkedIn might not be the most trending of all the social networks on the net, one shouldn’t underestimate its importance, especially when it comes to connecting with professionals, furthering a career, hiring and getting hired and engaging in business-to-business activities.

You heard us: don’t underestimate the ultimate, professional social media space to showcase and grow your business and brand. Many high-end professionals regard social media strategy as layman’s online marketing and refuse to engage with the intricate web of always on, always connected interaction that is actually doing wonders for smaller businesses like Noo Stuff Design Studio.

The Best Space to Connect and Exchange Professionally

LinkedIn is actually a great place to make connections and engage in discussions that pertain to your industry, helping you become a thought leader in your field of expertise. You also remain updated and in touch with everything that’s happening in your niche and stay on top of important events that are relevant to you. This is because LinkedIn connects users via insightful on-site blog articles as well as pertinent links to external, relevant information and statistics.

LinkedIn: The Free Automated Recruitment Agency – get hired!

LinkedIn also gives you the opportunity to showcase your personal and professional CV in a number of highly aesthetic and functional categories and remains the best, certified online platform to hire and get hired because the advantages for job seekers and companies go hand in hand. The LinkedIn network of like-minded individuals creates selected professional pools where everybody is speaking a similar language. To this end, LinkedIn functions as a free, automated recruitment agency, from the comfort of your very own chrome account.

Google LOVES LinkedIn and LinkedIn LOVES You!

If you type your name into Google Search, there’s a high likelihood that your personal LinkedIn profile will be the first thing to pop up – granted you have created a personal LinkedIn profile beforehand…

STEP 1: Overestimate your Personal Profile

You might be thinking: how could a social media site possibly grow my business. Think again. That’s right, akin to Facebook, you must have a personal LinkedIn profile before you can create a Company Page.

Company pages are not a huge deal when it comes to LinkedIn exposure because they often don’t generate tangible results… the real results always come from the relationships built on your personal LinkedIn Profile. This is because your personal profile not only puts a friendly face to the name of your business and creates instant familiarity among the email contacts that you add; but is an active LinkedIn entity while your company page remains passive.

Thus, your personal profile gives you the ability to be proactive online and in turn, promote your company page in-line with your unique personality.


STEP 2: Use your Personal Profile to update your Company Page on LinkedIn and boost SEO for your business!

LinkedIn company pages might be passive but they are extremely SEO-friendly, so channel the right content and keywords into your brand description. Google previews just over 150 characters of your page’s text so make sure that your brand description. Aim for impact and field relevance and be sure to fill everything out! Cutting corners cuts profit.

Noo Stuff Design Studio takes full advantage of its LinkedIn company page through a direct personal profile and posts relevant blog articles weekly; which are generating amazing feedback from contemporaries. We also manage the LinkedIn company pages for various clients and assist them with SEO boosting through relevant posts, spot-on keywords and engaging online content.

Add us on LinkedIn and we’ll manage your business with pleasure.

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