Google has Updated and So Should You: Why You Need a Responsive Website in 2015.

Google has Updated and So Should You: Why You Need a Responsive Website in 2015.

2014 marked the year of the snake in the Chinese lunisolar calendar. According to Google, this year is the year of the Smartphone.

At the start of the new millennium dial up internet connection gave way to high-speed, mobile broadband and PSTN (public switched telephone network) made room for Wi-Fi; forever banishing that intensely irritating ISP dial tone that we all remember so fondly. The international mobile phone market insisted that Nokia was out and Blackberry in and before we had time to register ‘R’ on BBM, Samsung and Apple took the world by storm and released advanced android technology: a diverse range of Galaxy smartphones, tablets, iPhones and iPads.

2014 desktop vs mobile

Our ‘square eyes’ have become rectangular and inevitably, statistics for 2014 reveal a rapid decline in desktop web usage and an incline in mobile user activity.

Just over a month ago Google updated its algorithm to rank websites by virtue of their ‘mobile friendliness.’ ‘Responsive’ is now the international buzzword used to describe the compatibility of a modern website with desktop computers and mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. This means that RWD (responsive web design) has become vital to any business serious about their online marketing campaign and thus the growth of their enterprise. Marketo explains the importance of this mobile trend in a user-friendly infographic:


So what’s the solution for modern businesses with outdated websites? It seems all too obvious: upgrade to a responsive website and do it quickly.

Using WordPress as our fundamental site builder, Noo Stuff Design Studio has access to thousands of responsive and attractive website themes and can help you achieve upward mobility in more ways than one. Creating custom, cutting edge digital design is our passion and we achieve a fundamental fusion of style and online functionality for a range of local businesses.

We have to agree with Marketo on this one: “go mobile or go home.”

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Words: Megan Wright