The Social Media Monster keeps mutating. So should your business’s online strategy in 2016…

The Social Media Monster keeps mutating. So should your business’s online strategy in 2016…


If you struggled to keep up with the cyber vortex of the burgeoning social media empire in 2015, brace yourself for what 2016 has in store. Social media is now more potent than ever and is vital to the credibility, profitability and online growth of any business. Period.

It’s time to stop neglecting those social platforms that you deem ‘unnecessary’ or ‘too complex to wade through’ and start utilizing every online platform and tool at your business’s disposal in order to get ahead and beat that competition!

NOO Stuff likes to keep ahead of the social media curve and wants to help your business do the same. Here are a few handy tips for your business’s 2016 social media campaign:

  1. Stop liking and start commenting

Liking a pic on Instagram or a post on Facebook is so 2015. Everybody can do it and has been doing it since these platforms emerged. Providing insightful, supportive and meaningful commentary on leading images and potent posts will get you further in social media circles than you think. Why? Because of engagement! Customers yearn for personal interaction and to feel special when they interact with you via social media. Providing a well thought out comment to a relevant post tells them that you care and that you are not a mindless robot liking everything in your business’s conversion hungry path.

  1. The rise of Instagram should not be underestimated

social media


Instagram seems wholly unapproachable, right? It’s a platform that requires instant visual material, from one person’s phone with a number of randomly selected catch phrases and it needs to be updated on the minute.  Although this platform might seem like a headache for technophobes and social media traditionalists in 2016, it presents itself, to the smart online marketer, as the greatest opportunity of the year.

With a little visual consistency, well-timed posts, the right number and combination of hashtags and a ferocious appetite for liking and commenting on fresh, relevant content, your brand can achieve an increase of at least 200 followers a day.

Confused as to how to schedule and monitor your Instagram content? Hoot Suite provides useful insights on their helpful blog page, How to schedule Instagram posts.

Added to this, here are the top 20 hashtags for 2015 and ’16:

















 3.  The comeback of Google+


We all love to avoid and disregard Google’s ‘sad’ ‘little’ attempt at a social media giant.

Their premier platform isn’t so sad or so little this year.

With a brand new face-lift, Google+ has started to compete with LinkedIn in terms of professionalism and Facebook and Twitter in the field of social functionality. Added to this, linking a consistently active Google+ profile to your Google business account and website could do wonders for your SEO and online presence because of the fresh content you keep waving in Google’s approving inter-face.

4. The continued importance of blogging

On the topic of fresh content, we can’t stress, for the thousandth time, the continued importance of blogging, on your website, your LinkedIn profile and your Google+ account. Fresh content keeps your business alive online, in the eyes of the Google god, your site visitors and potential customers and your secretly envious competitors. Don’t have a professional blog on your company website? Now’s the time to start. NOO Stuff can set one up for you and create and categorize content that gets seen and gets people talking in your industry. Check out ours on our website.

5. Viral videos

2016 is all about video and this is consistent across platforms. Facebook released their latest video feature, previously reserved for celebs, to everybody this year and short GIF videos receive the most hits on Instagram hands down.  The great thing about this is that you can share a short video, captured on your smartphone on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Snapchat ad by doing so, link your channels and cross-promote them. What better way to update your neglected YouTube channel than by filling it with content shared from other channels? YouTube has now released their own analytics so that once you get going updating your playlist you can monitor its wins successfully and continue to streamline your video content efficiently.

YouTube-logo-full_color6. Get on Snapchat

Talking about Snapchat, this is another amazing new instant sharing tool at your business’s disposal. It may seem like just another cute messaging app for teens and young adults but some of the biggest brands in the world are sharing temporary pics and video snaps on this platform.  ‘Temporary you say?’ that’s right. Anything sent to an individual or a select group of viewers will self-destruct after a few seconds of being viewed.

The positives: your business’s content stays fresh and you are encouraged to keep sharing fresh, live feed. The negatives: you need to allocate more real-time to yet another social network…from your smartphone.

Time will tell if Snapchat will really rise to meet the other social media giants but if it does, don’t say we didn’t warn you.


7. This year, social Media management HAS to be a full-time job:

Do you consider social media a pesky little side job alongside your greater online marketing strategy, preferring to focus on the big fish like SEO, PPC and effective email marketing?

Time to change tactic.

Just like you allocate budget to the above mentioned ‘greater’ conversion avenues, you need to start allocating equal budget to effective and consistent social media management. The best way to do this would be to hire somebody to focus on the job full-time.

Think about it, there are currently several burgeoning social media platforms all vying for your attention on the web including, but not limited to, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, Vine and Google+.  Devising effective campaigns, scheduling content, measuring analytics and compiling reports for all of these channels, individually, is far from child’s play.

We recommend that you hire an in-house professional to take care of your company’s best social media interests; at a higher cost to your business, or instead give us the challenge of professionally managing your platforms at an affordable monthly rate.

Visit our website for our current social media portfolio and request a NOO Stuff Design Studio proposal. We’re the social media experts, after all…