Oh, so you’re using social media without a strategy? Who thought that was a good idea?

Oh, so you’re using social media without a strategy? Who thought that was a good idea?

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Do you enjoy effortless Facebook days with good work breaks?

Most of us think that spending time on social media is supposed to be a fun, easy distraction from dreaded work tasks, avoiding one’s inbox pile-up and whiling away that last hour of highly unproductive Fridays. For some of us, this is not the case.

Any good social media management agency will tell you (ad nauseum) just how much hard work and research goes into a single social media marketing strategy; and for good reason. Because every business under the sun has now realised the necessity of optimising social media networks to draw customers, achieve conversion and beat competition; unique, well delivered social media content is of the utmost importance for business pages these days.

The catch: most working professionals just don’t have the time or creative resources to sit and schedule an engaging, daily post that feeds into a broader, highly effective monthly marketing campaign. The solution is to hire someone to do it.

But the question is, who?

Anyone can post anything on Facebook these days. You wouldn’t hire a guy off the street to manage your business’s financial accounts. You’d end up losing money. The same applies to your social media marketing campaign. The good social media marketer takes her job extremely seriously and reads at least three articles on social media strategy from various sources every day. This is because social media sites are also businesses competing for online authority, updating their settings, features and device compatibility all of the time. Did you know that Twitter advertising is now competing with Facebook’s and that boosting tweets could set your client’s business apart from competition? Or that Facebook has updated their notes section in order to compete with LinkedIn’s blog posts?

Reading articles on social media strategy is not the only constant in the life of the effective social media manager. Research into site statistics, authority and even conversion to websites is of key importance, especially in light of google analytics reporting which never lies about the effectiveness of the chosen social media marketing campaign. Once the research delivers a new strategy, the campaign is altered and optimised to keep the client’s social media presence a cut above the rest. The creativity required to produce engaging, unique content on a regular basis is not something everyone possesses either.

Good social media marketing becomes a daily obsession for the effective marketer.

At Noo Stuff Design Studio, our clients’ social media stats speak for themselves. We’re a dedicated team of creative designers, writers and social media strategists who believe in thorough research, effective campaigning and the little things that can make all the difference.

We currently manage monthly social media across all existing platforms for several leading businesses.

Contact us now via social media and visit our website to browse our portfolio.

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Social Media is Magic: Forbes and Branson Agree

Social Media is Magic: Forbes and Branson Agree

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In the last year, both Forbes and Richard Branson have blogged exclusively about the importance of social media marketing for contemporary businesses.

“Whether you are launching a start-up or leading an established company, you should start establishing your social media presence if you haven’t already…We’ve been using our social media channels to spread the message that we are just as interested in making a difference as making a profit,” says Branson.

Indeed, with 97% of today’s marketers participating avidly in social media, the benefits of utilising blossoming online tools such as Twitter, Facebook, Google +, Instagram, Linked In and Pinterest far out way the consequences. Forbes’ Jayson DeMers has come up with many reasons why:

The primary benefit of social media for any business, serious about developing a strong brand identity through online marketing, is undoubtedly improved brand recognition and loyalty. While interactive social media profiles help to cement and retain existing customers, they are also great tools for attracting new buyers. This is due to the personalised nature of social media engagement and content. People want to interact with other people; not abstract business ideas. DeMers confers that “53% of Americans who follow brands [on] social [media] are more loyal to those brands.”

Secondly, social media definitively enhances conversion. Businesses marketing through online strategy should understand that every tweet, retweet, pin, post, video, blog article or link shared via social media is a potential site lead and thereafter a potential successful customer conversion. This is largely due to the “humanization” of your brand and business, afforded by the rich, personal experiences your customers enjoy when you interact directly with them via forums and threads. In this regard, your insights into your customer market inevitably unfold when you utilise “social listening” by responding directly to their praise and their concerns.

Facebook, Twitter and Google analytics provide you with invaluable statistics about the paid and organic traffic to your various sites. Utlimately, using social media results in decreased marketing costs because in-site advertising is so cost effective compared to traditional offline marketing strategies. Google also owns a large number of the most popular social media sites to date, so your SEO rankings will vastly improve when you activate social media for your business.

One of our recent customers admitted to breaking into hives every time he considered logging into social media to promote his business. You may suffer similar symptoms or simply do not have the time to promote your business via the social media forums.  We are here to help!

Get in touch with us at Noo Stuff if you’d like to get social and revolutionise your current online marketing campaign with our social media magic. You won’t regret it. We have the stats to prove it.

The Noo Stuff Team.